Who Writes Your Copy?
Your Agency Or Your Customers?

Every day we see small business owners make this mistake.

The founders of Internet Sales Experts were trained as traditional marketers. We worked for large Fortune 500 brands like Intel, HSBC, Oppenheimer & Company, and PaineWebber. In the old days, the folks in creative services agencies would develop graphics and copy... and if the client liked it, that was it.

It was a top down, "we are the geniuses, listen to us" sort of approach. Only now, with the analytics revolution of the past few years, we are noticing a teutonic shift in the marketplace.

The first secret of conversions is simply this. Your own opinion of own website does not matter. It could be gorgeous, but if it doesn't generate conversions it's worthless. In fact, with Internet sales, beautiful is what sells. Ugly is what does not sell.

For many business owners, this is painful medicine to swallow... very often an owner loves a graphic, or a color, or a phrase... even though his customers are less than enthusiastic.

Only your customers' opinions matter. And they vote on which copy and which graphics they like with their wallets. Through segmentation and advanced analytics, Internet Sales Experts can help you convert your creative message into a format most desirable to your audience of prospects.

Internet Sales Experts can help you get to this moment... faster and more reliably than ever with our new automated drip marketing technologies. Click here if you'd like our team of Internet Sales Experts to conduct a ten minute assessment of your website, including how effectively you are activating the Law of Romance. It's a $100 value, and it's our gift to you.