How Much Are You Losing?

The new science of conversions monetizes missed opportunities

If you are like most online businesses, you're probably converting somewhere between 2%-5% of visitors into customers. But imagine if 20 people walk into your brick and mortar store, and only one makes a purchase, at best. Think of how horrible, how dismal a result that would be. But if you passionately believe that your products and services can help other people, then without question your conversion rates should be in the double digits.

Landing page optimization has become a rather complex science lately. High bounce rates indicate that visitors do not feel special and are not receiving the royal treatment. But to give them that royal treatment, you need both sides of the brain working... left brain, analytical, data driven, segmentation aware... with right brain creative, graphic design and emotionally resonant copy writing.

That's why Internet Sales Experts has developed a broad range of strategies and tactics to help you convert more leads. We have identified 139 different principles and methods of activating the laws of attraction and conversion. Called The Automatic Growth™ System, these principles and methods will transform your online and offline business into automated sales machines.