Put Your Customers Into The Flow State

Trust Is Fundamental

Take a good look at the woman in this photo. As she does her Internet shopping, she is in what psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi would call the "flow" state.

She is not thinking about any of the things that we spend most of our waking hours thinking about: the headline, font, copy writing, graphics, placement, color balance, usability, shopping cart, etc. She is entirely focused on purchasing the product that will service her needs.

In the long term, the most effective flow states are induced not by manipulation of graphics and text, but by an authentic, meaningful, and relevant series of interactions between you and your customers. Above all, this flow state is induced because the woman trusts who she is buying from. You are only as good and successful as your name and your integrity.

That's why we at Internet Sales Experts are very selective about the clients we work with. We really have to believe in your products and services, your trust and your integrity... and of course that we can help you... before we agree to take you on as a client.

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