Are You Using The New Holy Grail?

The technology revolution has leveled the playing field

A few years ago, you needed millions of dollars to gain access to the analytics, email, direct mail, website, telephone and CRM tools that would allow you to integrate your entire business under a single umbrella.

No matter how great your website and shopping cart, customers may still have questions... Or they may want the reassurance that you are a legitimate business... Or they may have privacy or security concerns and may wish to.. Or they might think they'll get their order faster if they call it in.

It happens every minute of every day. A customer finds you on the Internet, but still wants to make a purchase by telephone.

Whatever the reason, you need a sales and marketing system that seamlessly integrates online and offline transactions. Otherwise you will be working from multiple databases, multiple customer records, multiple products details, etc.

At Internet Sales Experts, we're developing what we honestly believe is the Holy Grail of sales. Of course, we didn't develop many of the technologies ourselves. Rather, we've spent decades testing and trying different systems... and earning our daily bread with them... until finally we identified a few key systems which we've packaged with our own special touch.