You Make The Most Sales When...

You Dive Deep Into Fundamental Human Needs

As Steven Covey likes to say, we always like to begin with the end in mind. During our very first strategy session with clients, we ask them to close their eyes and imagine a happy couple strolling down a cobblestone street. They are walking hand in hand, arm in arm... and in their hands are shopping bags... with things they bought from you!

This feeling of romance that the picture evokes is precisely the mood you want to be in during your 30,000 foot strategy sessions. You want to be totally in touch with the emotions and mindset of your happiest customers.

Far too many internet website owners forget to do this simple little exercise. They see dollar signs, not people. And just as this couple hopes to have a lifelong relationship of love and joy, so should you with your customers.

Of course, not all businesses have products and services that relate, even tangentially, to romance. That's why we also discuss friendship, fun, dreams and analytics in this section.

Now consider all the work it took to reach this glorious moment... research, development, mindmaps, graphics, copywriting, automated sequences, segmenting, free reports, SEO, PPC, social networking... it might have taken you months, maybe even years to get to this moment.

Internet Sales Experts can help you get to this moment... faster and more reliably than ever.

We at Internet Sales Experts have identified 139 different principles and methods of activating the laws of attraction and conversion. Called The Automatic Growth System, these principles and methods will transform your online and offline business into automated sales machines.