Your Prospects Want To Buy, But...

Your copywriting, graphics, timing, pricing, guarantee, segmentation and shopping cart are a mess.

They've given you their name and email address. They've signed up for your newsletter and downloaded free reports. They're in your marketing funnel. Do you know how to close?

The fact is that every day hundreds, or even thousands or more, of prospective customers hover their mouse pointers over your buy buttons... often for 30 seconds or more... but then they don't click to buy.

Here is where the most savvy Internet sales experts are digging deep with the next generation of analytics tools. They analyze the color and size of your fonts. The location and color spectrum of your graphics. The resolution size of viewers' monitors. Browsers and operating systems. And up to 39 other critical factors. They systematically reengineer your website to determine the optimal way to setup your landing pages and shopping cart to achieve that one ultimate result: a click on the right button... and then a purchase.

You can't just setup an autoresponder and expect to get the most return on your investment. To really know if someone is red hot to buy your product right now, you'll need to synergistically analyze your headline, copywriting, graphics, layout, segmentation, personalization, shopping cart, price, credibility, guarantee, relevance, value, and timing. You can no longer examine these mission critical factors in isolation.

That's why Internet Sales Experts has developed a broad range of strategies and tactics to help you close more sales. We have identified 139 different principles and methods of activating the laws of attraction and conversion. Called The Automatic Growth™ System, these principles and methods will transform your online and offline business into automated sales machines.