It's All About Romance... And Segmentation

The Law of Attraction is both an art and a science

Two loving couples stroll down a coublestone street... and they are about to walk by your store. Do you know how to activate the Law of Attraction for both couples? And are you setup to send highly targeted, personalized messages to each?

To attract effectively, you need to segment effectively. Different sorts of customers bring different expectations into your store. Some want you to hold their hands from start to finish. Others want to be left alone as they browse. Some want exuberance and flash, others want detailed information... with no ornamentation.

A lucrative automated drip marketing funnel relies heavily on segmentation. The best websites have established a work flow and a synergy between segmentation, analytics, copy writing, graphics, headlines, fonts, buttons and calls to action.

Internet Sales Experts can help you master this synergy. We at Internet Sales Experts have identified 139 different principles and methods of activating the laws of attraction and conversion. Called The Automatic Growth System, these principles and methods will transform your online and offline business into automated sales machines.