Nice Picture, No Sale

Instead of hoping they will buy, give them a gift first.

How many people show up at your home page every minute of every day, but leave your site within a few seconds? What's your bounce rate?

If you are like most websites, the answer is somewhere between 25% - 65%.

Far too many small business owners simply throw things out there... they post a picture of a tea kettle, a clock and a lamp, and hope that prospects enter their online store and buy.

Why not create an ebook, "The Seven Secrets of a Successful Cup of Tea" - FREE book inside. How about a personalized newsletter? Or an Insider's Club?

Don't just sit there and hope your products will sell themselves. Internet Sales Experts will show you how to transform an ordinary storefront into an extraordinary one. We'll show you how to create irresistible free gifts that will bring more prospects into your drip funnel... and ultimately convert them into paying customers and raving fans.

Internet Sales Experts can help you get to this moment... faster and more reliably than ever with our new automated drip marketing technologies. Click here if you'd like our team of Internet Sales Experts to conduct a ten minute assessment of your website, including how effectively you are activating the Law of Romance. It's a $100 value, and it's our gift to you.